Installing The Campaign Monitor Add-On

  • Download the add-on plugin from the Add-Ons download page.
  • Upload the plugin folder and files via FTP to your wp-content/plugins folder OR upload the plugin zip file via the “Add New” plugin menu in WordPress.
  • Activate the “Live Forms – Campaign Monitor Add-ons” plugin you just uploaded.

Setup The Campaign Monitor Add-On

  • Goto Forms –> Settings of your WordPress admin panel. Select Campaign Monitor tab:Campaign Monitor Settings
  • Enter your Campaign Monitor API key.
  • Click Save Button to save your setting.

Setup Campaign Monitor Feeds

  • Goto Forms –> Campaign Monitor Feeds of your WordPress admin panel.Campaign Monitor Feeds - Add New
  • Click Add New button to add new feed.Campaign Monitor Feeds - Add New 2
    • Client: Select the Campaign Monitor client you would like to feed data to.
    • Campaign Monitor List: Select the Campaign Monitor list you would like to feed data to.
    • LiveForm Form: Select which Live form you want to feed data form.
    • Map Fields: Map the Campaign Monitor Custom Fields to your available Form Fields. This tells Live Forms which form fields should populate your Campaign Monitor data.
  • Click Save Button

Now that you have setup a Campaign Monitor feed, when the form you selected is submitted it will automatically send the data you have selected to the Campaign Monitor List you have setup to receive data.

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