Data Export

Live Form Data Export Add-on will add the option to export form entries in various format like CSV, Excel or PDF. You also will have the option for select form fields before export, so that you can skip the form field that you don't need to show in export file.


  • Mickey

    I am helping a friend with his website, where he wants to take his patient intake form for his small practice and put it online. Your software seems perfect for this so far (I especially like that the checkboxes can output JUST what was checked, that’s visually very clean!).

    The one problem is that it’s in the admin console only, correct? You can’t get it out without a plugin that either mails it, or this plugin, Data Export. (If you can mail it from Email Settings tab under the form fields edit page, then either I’m not doing it right or there’s a bug. I’m not sure what that section is for since it’s not emailing the results out).

    So I’m gathering information to go to him and say “Hey, found this great plugin for making that form. However, you need to get another plugin to export the data to your PC for Excel or PDF. That costs 27 bucks.”

    My questions:
    *1) Is that a one time $27 fee? Or a yearly subscription? If yearly, does it decrease over time? (To follow an example I’ve seen elsewhere, 27 the first year, 60% off the next year)
    *2) If he purcases it and we add it, does it just install and is ready for use, like Live Forms did? I’m not a coder myself (which is why I love your plugin), so before he buys it I want to make sure we can USE it properly and I won’t fall on my face. He asked me for help because I used to work tech support, so my brain is better at it than his is, understand logic process and how things work…but I’m dyslexic and my eyes cross at the code itself.)

    • Shaon

      1. $27 is one time fee, however support and update period is 1 year, after 1 year, if you need support and updates, you need to renew order again.
      2. Yes, just plug & play

  • Mickey

    Also I read on the support page (Which it doesn’t give me an option to post, no login option loading on my side…or I’d be asking there) from a Dec 31st post that the next version of Live Forms will include a download button for the form. Do you know when you expect to release that version…or is it TBD as a work in progress?

    • Shaon

      We recently applied new theme and missed the login menu though actually it was in download menu. Anyhow login menu is visible now.

  • Loucia

    Quick question about this add on – do I need this add on to see the data that is submitted or is this just for efficient downloading? Is there a setting for admin email notification every time a new form has been submitted?

  • john

    Hello, I’m using your LiveForms plugin recently. It is very complete and allows to make complete forms easily. I will need to export the data in a readable format (csv or pdf). I wish to know if by buying this module of export, I could use it on different wordpress site or if it is restricted to a single domain name

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