Live Form Integration with Salesforce

Live Form integration with allows anyone to create online forms for Web-to-lead, Web-to-case, and Web-to-Anything with just a few simple clicks.

Use our easy to use form builder and the powerful Salesforce CRM application to manage and grow your business. Collecting data and using it with the largest CRM system just got easier!

With  Live Forms Salesforce integration you can:

  • Create web forms for any standard or custom Salesforce object (Web-to-Anything)
  • Build more flexible Web-to-Lead and Web-to-Case forms
  • Use web forms to update (upsert) existing records in Salesforce
  • Connect web forms with more than one object in a single submission
  • Attach file uploads to records

The  Live Form Integration with Salesforce brings the power of Salesforce and the ease of use of  Live Forms to create a powerful online lead management system. Add leads from any web form into your Salesforce CRM solution and track and manage leads in one easy process.

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