1. Spam – Placing your email on a contact page provides spam bots to find it & hugely increases the amount of spam you receive.

2. Appearance – A contact form only looks abler than slapping your email address on a page. You want your website to see as beautiful as possible, right?

3. User-friendliness – Why do the user open their email client, cut & paste your email address, open a different message & compose an email? Imagine how much more comfortable it is for them just to fill out a form & hit “Submit.” What if they’re not practicing their computer, & they don’t have a web-based email record? They’ll have to remember to revisit your site once they have access to their email account.

4. Accurate delivery – Your contact form can have a drop-down list of all the departments in your company. The user chooses the section they want to contact & their email is sent there. If you just list the email addresses of 50 offices or agents on your contact page, lazy users are going to email either the first address they see or maybe even all of the addresses on the list rather than search for the correct department or employee.

5. Convenience – With a form, you can check the subject line of the emails users send you, you can control the email address those emails are forwarded from. You can store the emails you get in a database in addition to receiving them via your email client. All of this will make it simpler for you to find specific emails, search them, gather statistics on your users & keep better track of who is contacting you & why.

So what’s your reason for not having a contact form on your website? Too hard? Not enough technical experience? Well, try here in liveforms.org and see how easily can build a contact form & set it on your website in a couple of minutes flat using Live Forms

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