Two questions that we are frequently asked is the best way to integrate your online forms with your website & how to get the forms to match the “look & feel” of your site.

Live Forms gives you a few various options to integrate your web forms. The first is by using a simple link. Each form that you design in the form builder automatically generates a URL for that form. By practicing that URL, you can directly link the form from anywhere on your website, use the link in an email newsletter or post on third party sites, without having to generate a new form for each instance. When using the URL you can choose a standard template, or you can create your template.


Template & Styles:

If you click on the Styles tab, you can then start editing the look & feel of the template. Here you can add a header & footer, change the background & form colors, modify the fonts. You can also change the field colors, the label fonts & colors & more. You can do all of this by just clicking on the area you want to edit.

Creating templates is an easy way to maintain the look you want with your forms without having to do too much work. Style templates allow you to match the look of your website (logo, color, etc.) without having to embed the form right into your web page. It is also great to use Style templates if you are going to be using the form from multiple sites (l&ing pages, homepage, Third Party/partner sites, etc.) or if you want to use the URL in email campaigns.

The other advantage that incorporates your form directly into your site is using our JavaScript Embed method.

Just like the URL, all form you create automatically generates a snippet of code (JavaScript) that can be placed on any web page & will allow the form to work just as if it were its separate page (like the URL). The JavaScript also automatically refreshes any changes on your form, so you do not have to reach the code again once you install it on your website.

To access the JavaScript embed option go to your forms “Use” area & click on the JavaScript tab. You will see some code. Just copy the code. You can then paste that part of code into the code of your web page. One thing to learn is that any methods that you created will not lead over when using the JavaScript embed. Only the real form elements will show up. However, you can design the form in the CSS of your web page.

The JavaScript embed option is ideal for those who want to their website visitors to have seamless interaction on their site (not sending visitors to the Live FormsURL). This also allows the form to only “melt” right inside of your existing web pages without any additional work on your part.

Both options give you flexibility in using your forms & will allow you to use Live Formsbut still maintain the integrity of your business or organizational br&ing.

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