Form Entries:


In shorts:

  1. If you already have created a new form and the user starts to submit the form, then in your WordPress Dashboard go to Forms -> Form Entries.
  2. Select the form name from the drop-down list and click on “GO!”.
  3. Manage the entries from the page and select an item and click on the action (eg. Resolve, Delete, Hold) as needed.
  4. Click on “View” to see the entries details and reply to the specific entry.
  5. Click on the status box (eg. New Entries, In progress, On Hold, Resolve) to see the list of items with that status.


Watch the short video: Form Entries


You may want to see the entries or messages of the form upon user submission. For this, you need to go to the “From Entries” tab from the Form menu. Then you have to select the form name from the drop down tab and click on “Go!”.


You can see a page with the entries list and various options with it. You will be seeing few more entries actions there. You can Resolve, Delete or Hide any submission for any customer ticket.

From the list, you can click on view of the specific entry to see the details page. You can send a reply to the specific email or submission here.

When you reply to any entries the status of the submission will go automatically to “In progress” from “New Entries” tag. You can hold any ticket by selecting it and click on “Hold” button upper right side of the list of entries.

If you successfully have done with the specific submission. You can select it and click on resolve to make it status resolved.

If you want to delete any inappropriate submission, you have to select it and click on Delete to remove it.


For checking any specific form for new entries or in progress or on hold or resolved issues individually then click on the square box, then the submission list will update with the specific status for the form.

You can manage all the entries of form from one page. You can use this as customer support system with this options.

Last Updated: October 30, 2017

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