Form Settings of a single form:

Every form has some default settings. It is placed below the form fields. You can change the settings from here.



Settings Properties:

There are some options for the form settings. The options are discussed below.


Button Label:

This is a label for the submit button. You can change the button text anything you like (eg. “Apply”, “Done” etc).



Button Color:

You can select the button color from the drop-down option.

You can show the submit button color in seven option.

  • Inverse or Basic
  • Default
  • Primary
  • Success
  • Info
  • Warning
  • Danger


Button Size:

You can select the button size from the drop-down option.

There is four size available for the submit button.

  • Default
  • Large
  • Small
  • Very Small



Button Position:

You can select the button position from the drop-down list.

Submit button will appear in the form as you select the position for it. You can place it in three positions (Right, Left or Center).



Thank You Message:

Upon successful submission of any form, you can show a message to the user. You can change the message from the form settings.


Fields Settings
Generic Fields

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