How To Create A Donation_Fundraiser Form Using WordPress Live Forms

Do you want to create a non-profit donation/fund-raiser form for your WordPress Website?

Whether you are handling non-profit organisations, social clubs or other social business, collecting online donations can be an effective strategy for supporting themself in terms of funds.

WordPress Live Forms makes accepting donations on your own website quite easy with some little effort. This plugin lets you view and analyze each donation form submission, filter the submission data and view the list of donors and many more features.

In this article, we are going to describe how to create a donation form in your WordPress website using WordPress live forms plugin.

So, lets begin!

Creating a Nonprofit Donation Form using WordPress Live forms plugin

For creating a non-profit donation/fund-raiser form through the plugin, you just need to follow 5 steps. These are given below in more details.

  1. Install And Activate Pro Version Of WordPress Live Forms
  2. Create Your Custom Donation Form
  3. Setting Up The Payment Integration
  4. Setting Up A Thank You Email
  5. Insert The Donation Form On Your WordPress Post Or Page

Step 1: Install And Activate Pro Version Of WordPress Live Forms

The first thing you will need to install and activate the WordPress live forms plugin. For more details, see this step by step guide on how to install a plugin in WordPress.

install wordpress live form plugin

After installing the plugin, you must activate its pro version for using the advance field (payment method) of this plugin.

Step 2: Create Your Custom Donation Form

In the next step, you will need to create a donation form. For this, go to Forms ► Add new and then give a title of your custom form.

add a new form

Next, you have to start adding fields for your form. For building a simple donation form you will need the following fields as,

  • Name
  • Email
  • Payment amount

Now, to add these fields ,you have to just click on the plus (+) icon of the field or drag-and-drop them into the main editing area. 

creating custom donation form

After adding those fields, make sure that you have clicked on the Save button for saving the changes.

Step 3: Setting Up The Payment Integration

After creating the custom donation form, next, you have to set up your payment method for donations. In WordPress live Forms plugin, the default payment gateway is Paypal.

setting up the payment integration

However, the most common payment gateway is Stripe. You can also integrate stripe addon in your payment method for permitting credit cards payments quickly. 

Step 4: Setting Up A Thank You Page as well as A Thank you Email

Giving Thanks to donors is a wonderful way to show your gratitude and to describe how the money will be spent in-depth. Not only this if you appreciate their donation through the thank you email as well as a message they will be more likely to donate again.

On WordPress live forms, you can quickly customize the thank you message. Here you can set up the message both instantly after submitting the form as well as through email. 

To set up the thank you message, go to the donation form and navigate on settings option from the upper side of your form. Once you have clicked on the Settings button, you will see a new Form Settings window opened where you can write your form description, submission message of form submit and even you can set up a page that appears to your customers when they submit the form.

setting up thank you note on donation form

Now write a thank you note on the Successful Form Submission message option. Here you can also add an image below of your note.

Not only this, this plugin also allows you to create a custom page for thank you note through the redirect to field.

To add more, you can use the Email notification settings of this plugin to write a thank you mail to the donors email. 

Step 5: Insert The Donation Form On Your WordPress Post Or Page

Once your donation form is fully completed, you can now add it on your website as you need. Simply go to Forms►all Forms and then copy the shortcode of your donation form. Next, create a post/page in WordPress and then paste the shortcode of the donation form on it. 

That’s it. You have created your nonprofit donation form for your WordPress website. 

donation form


Having a donation form is crucial to your non-profit organization. With WordPress Live Forms plugin, you can also analyze your donation form and filter out your form data with different date and time range.

Hopefully, this tutorial helps you to understand how to create a donation form using the WordPress Live Forms plugin. For some support related to the topic, feel free to comment below.

We appreciate further comments, support or suggestions!

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