How long does it need you to get out of your pyjamas, drive to a store, go over all shelves, find a product, do the queue, pay and get back home? Probably a bit too long than you can afford or want to. With online order forms, the process becomes a whole lot easier. One can choose and buy a product in a couple of minutes and still be wearing their pyjamas.

An online order form can sell not only material goods, but also any service, and it can easily be adapted to vendors’ needs: if there’s a pre-existing product presentation website, the order form can be integrated with it; if not, then it can also showcase the offer. And, what is best, online order forms can be built as easy as Liveform!

Here are the main advantages of using online order forms to sell products and services:

1. Complete and comprehensible offers. In an online order form, you can list all the items that you are selling in dropdown lists, radio buttons fields or checkbox sections. Customers’ preferences concerning product and service models or types are inquired in the same structured way. If you find it useful, you can add – without having any coding skills – an HTML block at the top of your order form, to give brief descriptions or add product images.

2. Smooth ordering process. With an online order form, customers typically need to: select the product/service and the associated options, type in the contact data you requested, specify a delivery date and address (if that’s the case) and provide their credit card information (if your order form has got payment integration). At your end, things are really simple, as well. You’ll get the orders by email. Besides, the filled-out order forms will be stored in the form engine database, and you’ll be able to access and export them as CSV/Excel files or as Google Docs spreadsheets. Perfectly manageable!

3. Advanced features. For both you and your customers, order form related actions will remain crystal clear, regardless of order form features. Behind the scenes, there is a more complex mechanism that allows you to associate different prices to different items within the same online order form, to create advanced price calculations that will automatically apply taxes and discounts, to send Thank You messages when orders are completed. You can create PayPal order forms or integrate your order form with other payment processors, such as Google Checkout and

4. High level of security. However debated the issue of e-commerce safety and security is, one aspect should be emphasized: online payment engines and order form creation platforms are businesses run by people whose purpose is to generate profit by providing reliable services. Therefore, as long as you resort to trustworthy companies, your online order form will most likely be protected from attacks. At microlevel, secure order forms are protected from visitor abuse through field validation and CAPTCHA images.

5. The word of web. Your online order form can become a star with little effort from your part. First, add Social Buttons to the order form. Second, publish it wherever it reaches your target audience faster: on your website, on Facebook, Twitter, WordPress, Blogger or Google Sites or send direct links via email and messenger. Then, watch the word of web in action. Using Social Buttons, customers and form visitors will be able to recommend your order form to their social network groups with one click and the number of your order form visitors will grow faster.

6. Order forms scope enhancement. The objective of your online order form is to sell products or services. But what else can you do with it? Collect information and generate customer databases. Thanks to third party integration, you can send leads and contacts from your customers straight to your iContact, SalesForce & MailChimp lists or to Google and Facebook Groups. This way, you’ll have consumers’ contact data stored for future use, such as promoting new products, sending newsletters, announcing special offers and saying hello at Christmas.

Hence, online order forms are practical and profitable tools to have around. Log in or sign up for an account on LiveForm and create your free online order form.

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