Showing a form on post/page:


In shorts:

  1. If you already have created a new form, in your WordPress Dashboard go to Forms -> All Forms.
  2. Copy the shortcode of the form.
  3. Now put the code in the page or post you want to show the form.
  4. Save the post, the form will now appear in the post.

Watch the short video: Showing a Form


After creating a form or publishing a form, you can show this form on anywhere on the site in page or post. You have to put the form code to the place you want to show this form to the user. 

First Go to Forms -> All Forms, Now copy the form Shortcode from the form list or edit page of the form.

Then you have to put the code into the page or post where you want to show the form to the user. If you haven’t created any page or post then click on Pages -> Add new or Post -> Add new. Now paste the Shortcode in the edit page/post box and click on publish.


After publishing/updating you can see the form is appear on the specific place of the post or page.


Now user can fill up and submit the form. You can see the details submission from Form Entries.

if you want to edit/create a new form, see here.

Last Updated: October 30, 2017

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